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If I can do it, ANYone CAN!

I didn't have many friends growing up. Especially none who hung out with me who were interested in the same things. I took things apart and a used a computer and the internet to teach myself how to put them back together. I broke a lot of things, I wont lie. However, I did learn a lot. I build, repair, program, reprogam, troubleshoot, debug... On a daily basis, I now regularly perform electro-necromancy. I as born with developmental and learning disabilites. Special Education for my elementry school years. I barely got my High School Diploma and dropped out of college. People consider me an Engineer of legendary quality by trade not by degree. Am I genius? If I am, it is God who made me so. I overcame because he loved me and because I have faith in him!

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Ekadasi Newton said...

The correlation is two G's in constant communication!