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Talents buried

My most marketable skills I always imagined were those related to technology. However, while I may be quite skilled in that field, my knowledge is hardly limited. I was once well practiced in the arts of illusion have have done much personal study into the ancient ayurvedic therapies, homeopathic remedies and even aromatherapy and beauty. Most people are amazed when even some of those come out and tend to question me at length in that regard. I have been gifted with a plethora of talents. Perhaps I should advertise those skills more to help all those whom God would have me assist. Maybe I could even capitalize on that just a little bit, too.


That's not how it works.

It has been far too long since my last post... I am sorry to all those who follow. I write and post stuff to inspire all who read. I also do it as a record of my thoughts and feelings. To sort of remind myself...

I've been thinking a lot about Mark and Molly Mormon. You know... Those perfect members that do not exist. Just because perfect seems out of reach, should we not bother striving to obtain it? Is the effort in vain? What fruits will it bear to try for what is not within reach?

Do you think it isn't worth bothering with trying to be Mark or Molly? Do you think it is okay to settle for being imperfect?

Do you think yer a Mark or Molly? Does that make you perfect or better than others?

Let that all sink in....
Just think about that all for a minute.

You pondered all that and maybe even asked yourself? Good. I shall carry on now.

Silver spoon momos. Those Mormons who grew up in the faith, went to BYU, served a mission... Those Mormons who shame nonmembers for whatever reason... May as well build yerselves a rameumpton and speak repetitive prayers on Sunday and forget about God... Just cuz you sin differently... Sin is sin. And guess what? There is no greater sin than pride. Pride... The one sin everyone commits but few confess. Remember what killed the nephites all off? If yer answer was the lamenites, you guessed wrong. The correct response is PRIDE. They figured God would always favor them. They were chosen do they didn't need to remember God. Heavenly Father forsook them and let them die because they were prideful and should have known better. The lamenites were always wicked. That's why God preserved them. they didn't know better.

Mark and Molly Mormon.... Now there's a concept. Am I perfect? Nope. I still try to better everyday. Better and repenting, better at compassion.... Better with my skills and exercising my priesthood righteously. I know I'm not perfect but I still try. Making "mistakes" that I should know better about is not an option.
"Oh, its okay. I'll take the sacrament and it'll be fine."
Yer doing it wrong. That's not how it works. Repentance is not wanting to do things that require forgiveness. It's one thing to want to be holy and trying to overcome addiction. When you imbibe once in a while, you have no excuse. You should know better. However the choice is yours alone.


Be still, and know that I am God

"Be still, and know that I am God..."
-Pslam 46:10

I have not often thought of this scripture but I find it applies in all daily things. I find gratitude even for my trials. I often speak about this and say that overcoming our trials is how we progress and without hardship and and opposition there can be no progress.
That being said, in our trials, may be remember that we are loved by a powerful and merciful Heavenly Father. May we remember that He knows us each individually and can call us by name.
His power is as great and mighty as His love is true and boundless. I find myself often in the midst of His testing. I do my best to do what He wants and still is my life rarely easy. I do not wish for an easy life, however. That would be boring and without growth. Despite these times, I know that God knows me and cares about my life and my family and my ever changing situation. Other people may worry. I remain still and know my Father loves me and will take care of me. My faith has never waiverd and He has always shown that my faith is never misplaced.


Book of Mormon translated to Arabic

Muslim translates Book of Mormon back to Egyptian and is converted.

"Being a newcomer into our community, he felt the Mormons were a bit of a curiosity. Upon learning the name Mormon came from our belief that the Book of Mormon is divine scripture, he was intrigued by the existence of the Book of Mormon. He had erroneously thought this was American literature. When he was told that the Book of Mormon was translated from the ancient Egyptian or modified Hebrew type of hieroglyphic into the English language by the prophet Joseph Smith, he became even more engrossed, for this was his native language and he knows much about the other Semitic languages as well as the modern languages.

So challenged was he by this book that he embarked on the project of translating the Book of Mormon from English to Arabic. This translation was different from other translators, for this was to be a translation back to the original language of the book. To make a long story short, the process of this translation became the process of his conversion; for he soon knew the Book of Mormon to be a divine document even though he knew virtually nothing of the organization of the Church or of its programs. His conversion came purely from the linguistics of the book which he found could not have been composed by an American, no matter how gifted."

Go read about it.


Why I like cats more than people

Now, I've attended a few funerals, wakes, memorials, etc but today would have been a perfect study in contrasts. I attended a memorial service with a friend whose husband recently passed away. Though I was only there as support, since I had never met her husband, I was prepared for the worst from the warnings I had received from my friend. I was hoping to find that she had been blowing her family's “problems” out of proportion and that I would find out they were actually genuinely nice people. I should not have been shocked to find that she was completely justified in everything she had told me. Her family did not hide their animosity toward her, they blatantly showed their rude and disrespectful natures to myself and the two sisters also attending for support. The memorial service itself was tacky and overdone. The “eulogies” given by the deceased's children were a combination of blatant lies and overacting. It was a travesty and a disgraceful excuse for a memorial. After the service my friend's children bullied and further disrespected her by demanding their father's ashes and the memorial book.
I feel so outraged and emotionally drained from attending a service for a man I never knew. All the services I have attended were usually respectful affairs, loving and supportive family members surrounding the immediate family. Normally love is felt in every corner of the room, the mourners are respected, it is understood to be a time for mutual grieving and healing. Funerals are not meant as a way to “show off” or “belittle” your family. Today I was reminded of how different some families interact and how grateful I am to have a loving family. We are not perfect, but we LOVE each other. We tease each other, but we are not hateful or purposefully cruel. We may disappoint each other or get mad at each other, but in the end we always forgive and keep loving. I don't know what I would do without my family and would not trade them for any other family.
I grieve for my friend, not just for her loss of her spouse, but for her unfair and disgusting treatment by her so called “family”. Her trials serve to remind us to be forgiving even when the world or our family is being unreasonable. No matter what her family tries to do to her she always manages to get through it. Her silence is admirable. She has been bullied and beaten by these children of hers. Still, she attended a memorial service she knew she was not welcome at despite it being held for her own spouse. I hope to never have to deal with the heartache her children have caused her. I will strive to raise my daughter in a loving environment. I hope to give her as much love as she is willing to receive, and someday maybe we can be friends as my mother is my friend.


Impossible Team

I do not claim to be a rapper. I am not here to make records. I don't try to impress. My art is wordsmithery! Praise God!

impossible team? watch me!

Words by Ekadasi Newton

when i spit verse, my words are clean
i fast the first sunday, its why im lean
i give all my love, im never mean
my work is so magical its unseen
i dress so sharp, i look pristene
i quit drugs cold turkey, i dont ween.

Jesus loves cuz heavenly father cared
i love jesus for all that he had dared
nailed to the cross for our sins he bared
while all around him stood and stared
the ultimate sacrifice he rightously fared
so all our souls may possibly be spared
after teaching us so to be prepared
when judgment comes to not be scared

when i stroll, me and jesus roll tandem
i give thanx in prayer, sing praise in hymn
they intimidate me and he handles them
powers so divine hes gargantuan
when i feel blue, he makes me grin
forgives and loves all cuz pride is a sin
his heart of gold is worth more than tin
so much to do to empty the bin
gotta keep at it, the works never fin
team never impossible, we always win
in the end, give him the standing ovation

When i speak, i speak of god
when i give thanx, i thank the lord
when i make friends, there from abroad
when i garden, i till the sod
when i work, i work very hard
when i think, i think aloud
i know the truth, im not a fraud
a smile will do, no need to applaud

Music: Dubmood - Cydonian Sky


I do what I want, and you can, too!

I achieve me dreams because I don't let people tell me what I can and cannot do. I have unique skills because I strive to practice, practice, practice despite what the majority may say. If I wanna learn how to do something, I pick it up and play and practice until I figure it out and get the hang of it. I scored a job as a toy demonstrator simply because I was walking by a cart in a mall playing with AstroJax and I was the most talented that anyone had ever seen. I saw this thing advertised on TV and was so fascinated. I bought one and played and played and got bruises and looked up videos and practiced and played... I've been Juggling the stars with my AstroJax for 16 years now. I build things people think would be dumb to build or think I can't. Everyone wants to talk about how cool this thing called the hoverboard is and I am not impressed. It has wheels that touch the ground. That makes it an UNhoverboard. These things called Rocketskates? Well they are legit skates and while they may not be rocket powered they do move fast and are powered. I live my life against the grain called society. I make AstroJax look cool. I make DIY look cool. I'm gonna make these rocketskates look cool and I'll do it while making AstroJax look cool at the same time.

WE ARE ALL LIMITLESS!!! Let not one person or many people ever tell you that you cant. CANT is a 4 letter word I hate the most!!!

Day 2

Day 3

Moral of this story is keep yer chin up (but dont lean back) and your nose clean.

Practice + Persistence = Progress

(Practice + Persistence) + Patience = Perfection 

"Be excellent to each other."   - Bill & Ted



I do not claim to be a rapper. I am not here to make records. I don't try to impress. My art is wordsmithery! Praise God!

testimony : words by Ekadasi Newton

i speak of Christ everyday
i praise the Lord in all i say
others test my faith as they may
i look to god and pray and pray
the faithful god will always aid
i thank him every time i'm paid
he inspired everything i made
and every milestone i've ever laid
from where i was, i've come so far
traveling on foot without a car
stepped out of flames with barely a scar
tough times then but now i hardy har
to god we are all brothers and sisters
to the world we are misses and misters
we push past despite our blisters
then laugh after all like we're jesters
all i want is for all to know
it is a gift wrapped with a bow
share it high and share it low
ill give this even to my greatest foe
even our enemies need our love
hearts so hard they deny gifts above
there's no need to push or shove
hear the spirit even formed as a dove
we know whats right after we're seven
apostles formed till after eleven.
in the name of his only son in heaven,
i testify our redeemer's Jesus Christ, Amen.

music by ratatat

Keep'n it REAL

I do not claim to be a rapper. I am not here to make records. I don't try to impress. My art is wordsmithery! Praise God!

keep'n it real : words by Ekadasi Newton

Life is always hard, cant you see?
I dare not let it get the best of me.
Got to survive the test to gain a testimony.
It helps to see the struggle through eternity.
Knowing we can learn and grow makes us really free.
Good advice is to live God's word faithfully.
Heavenly Father wants to give us every blessing.
We must be faithful as he is continually testing.
Must keep moving forward, there's no time for resting.
Teach my family proper in the early years of nesting.
I try so hard to stay aware so I can be ever vigilant.
Have to study and pray everyday, my practice is diligent.
Trying to live light like Christ so I can be to others, a flint.
Share my love to broken hearts like a nurse who can bandage on, a splint.
The struggle is real, what more can we do?
Shows us we can feel, keep our hearts true.
Each challenge is different, we can learn something new.
any one can teach me, even someone like you.

music by ratatat

Sounds Like Rubbish

I do not claim to be a rapper. I am not here to make records. I don't try to impress. My art is wordsmithery! Praise God!

sounds like rubbish : words by Ekadasi Newton

I barely remember when music meant something.
couldn't even use it to make your phone ring.
music used to be rated by how it made your heart sing.
now it only matters by how it makes the cha-ching.
this music is so bad it gives my ears a rash.
if they ain't taking about pot then it's hash.
if I talked like that back in the day, I'd get a lash.
rappers come off of candy bars and go in the trash.
I don't care but what yall think or even say.
God, not you, listens to me when I kneel and pray.
offer me a chance to make it big and I'll say nay.
I rather work hard and sweat and every single day.
I know my lord above has a righteous plan.
if God tells me to do something, then I know I can.
His son died so I can live, that's why I'm a big fan.
I try really hard to be an even more dependable man.

music by ratatat


Be continually impressive

I was looking for a reason to show off the gizmo I made. Allow me to tell you why I made it in the first place and what inspiration it could offer to you. I always seek to make a lasting impression. I always try to reset the bar ever higher. This whole obsession I have with impression has little to do with vain ambition. I've been this way since I was young. I would say I started to notice it when I was eighteen when I started dating the woman I would eventually call my wife. Not a single person, other than ourselves, thought the relationship would last. That was 14 years ago. I was so driven to impress her. Not just on the first date or two or three, but every time we hung out and started living together, as a husband then as a father and even now I still try to impress. I have to be really innovative and find new ways to do that. This drive I take with me to work, in my community with my friends, at church, in cyberspace and everywhere. This may be viewed as an attempt to gain greater acceptance. That may be true in some small degree, but I prefer to see this as a means and motivation of improving myself to be a better today than yesterday and even more so tomorrow. I can use this as leverage when negotiating a raise. It is probably also one of the bigger reasons why the love of my life still adores me. All that said and done, having a nice business card is impressive all by itself. However, having a means to show off your skills while giving people a means to contact you is probably even more impressive. A great looking card is important, but the way they receive it will probably be remembered long after it is gone. Improve your skills. Seek new talents. Try harder to be better. Leave an everlasting impression that is always new and improved. Most importantly, be yourself and try to be the you that God sees.