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Obedience brings Blessings

Obedience brings blessings

Most people would think I'm a loony toon for considering moving cross-country with a family without having first aquired a job and a living situation. I must admit that I felt the same way, once. However, having inquired of the Lord and recieved insight, I knew what I was to do and how I was to do it. The prompting was distinct and undeniable. "Get rid of everything and just go. All will be provided." Sounds pretty crazy to men without faith. My trust in the goodness and mercy of a benevolent God was not in vain. We somehow had just barely enough money to get us where we are now. The kindness of friends and the divine guidance of my Heavenly Father has eased our fears while we transition and become situated and settle. In just one week I have found a worthwhile job and possibly a place to live. More progress than I have achieved in 1 year back east. I heard the voice of God and joyfully obeyed His command without murmuring. I hope He will consider me in the future to be His work horse or errand boy, for I will go and do. My faith continues to be strengthened so and further cements my belief that if God tells me to jump, I jump without asking why or how high. I know He will lift me higher than I am able to do so myself. Obedience may have steep price, but the future payoff from such an investment is beyond our ability to imagine or comprehend.


Cesar Perdomo said...

Amen. GOD prefers obedience over sacrifice

Ekadasi Newton said...

To sacrifice is to be obedient. Are we not commanded to come to Christ with a broken heart and a contrite spirit? Is that not a sacrifice of our pride? Sometimes we must also sacrifice in order to obey. I had to sacrifice a lot when I figured out He wanted me to move West. I lost nothing important and gained more than my wildest dreams. God prefers we sacrifice AS we obey. They go hand in hand, for we cannot obey unless we make a sacrifice.