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"Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees"

The father of all lies uses fear and deceit to try and control us. He will try to frighten and to lure you into falling away from the presence of the Lord. He uses fear but is not exempt from it. So what scares Satan the most? Faithful prayer to Heavenly Father. God cast him out, denying him a mortal body, for rebellion. He has absolutely no chance to progress without a body, and so is now eternally stuck as he was  forever in his state of unhappiness and anger and wants us to be the same way. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy like he is and gave us a choice. We are here, cuz we chose his plan for us. We can progress and learn in these mortal bodies. The lord had big plans for Joseph Smith and Satan knew this. When Joseph went into the grove to pray for the first time, Satan surrounded him and forced fear upon him. Joseph trembled in fear, but tried even harder still to call upon the lord. Satan left him as the sky opened up and he was visited by Jesus and his Father. That is a pretty wild story, but I know it happened and it is true. I know this because it has been affirmed to me after prayer. I know Satan can do what he did for he has done it to me. I am not normally one to be afraid for no reason, nor have I been known to panic. Monday night, after falling asleep, I had awoken from the strangest dream in such great and unexplainable fear that I could hardly breathe let alone scream. The last time I felt that I was 4 years old or something. It felt exactly what Joseph Smith had described. I prayed and prayed and prayed for deliverance and eventually felt calm and went back to sleep. I didn't feel right the whole day after. I kept second guessing myself, feeling like I couldn't do anything right and began to really doubt myself. I noticed this to such a great degree, even I was like, "What happened, this isn't me." I prayed that night to Heavenly Father to forgive me if I had sinned and to show me the way so I may repent. I felt kinda better. It really felt like an angel speaking in my right ear and a demon in my left ear (classic cartoon symbolism). I knew then that God had told me that I am fine and to stay true and strong and to continue holding fast to the iron rod with both hands. I remember these verses always and they helped me out thru all this.

Moses 1:12-23
Joshua 1:9
Philippians 4:13

I do believe that God is working here!


B Newton said...

Doubt your doubts, never doubt your faith :)

Ekadasi Newton said...

in the event any of you are curious to my wife's reference, I shall use this oppertunity to display my epic bibliographic skills here:
>General Conference Oct 2013
>Come, Join with us -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
>"first doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."
>Reference to F.F. Bosworth "Christ the Healer" (1924)
If I had to rate how she makes me feel in quantities of bricks of gold, I feel that googolplex just barely begins to describe it!