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Who says God does not answer prayer?

I got up early this morning and put some pants on and went right to the store. I left the store with bag in hand feeling like my usual ability to communicate and calculate just where not there this morning. I am very much a morning person and this bothered me. So while walking I folded my arms and bowed my head and prayed to Heavenly Father thanking him for this day and to please make it a good day. I approached the spanish corner store closer to my house and walked and grabbed two shakes and then looked in the other cooler and spied meat and cheese and piles of cakes. I was excited so I looked through for bread pudding and saw four containers and was ecstatic! I bought this bread pudding once before and every time I went back they never had any. My spanish is not that great so every time I tried to ask about they had no clue. Puddin de pan is what I'll ask for now. Bought two of those, walked home and prayed again thanking the good Lord who knows and loves us for helping me start my day off on a good note. Hosanna!!!

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