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When I send emails from my computer it attaches a signature I created. The following is my signature:


>  ؟؟MajiK?? entered cyberspace
>  ؟؟MajiK?? equips his keyboard
>  ؟؟MajiK?? meets a chocobo
>  ؟؟MajiK?? enters battle
>  ؟؟MajiK?? uses greens
>  ؟؟MajiK?? captures chocobo
beep -f 784 -r 3 -l 100 -D 100 -n -f 784 -l 600 -n -f 622 -l 600 -n -f 698 -l 600 -n -f 784 -l 200 -D 200 -n -f 698 -l 200 -n -f 784 -l 800


I have often gotten questions about this. Anyone who has played video games and is a fan of the final fantasy series will know what a chocobo is and what purpose greens play in capturing one but the whole beep thing just has a tendency to boggle minds!

here is a clue. Beep is a program for the command line and that is code telling the computer how to beep. linked below is an example on my google drive. i have also linked to a youtube video for those of you who may still not understand. and for the record...
When I stroll
you know how i roll
me and Jesus roll tandem
they intimidate and he handles them.
*fanfare plays*
Victory Fanfare Beep

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Ekadasi Newton said...

Beep was originally designed to control the peizo speaker on a computer motherboard. The sole purpose of this tiny speaker was to emit a beep or a series of beeps either in error or warning. If the computer didnt work but instead just beeped it was usually called a "beep code" and was like morse code for computers. to understand it required a service manual translating the short and long beeps into what the type of error was and possible remedies. The program beep can take control of this peizo "mobo" speaker and emit sine waves in varies frequencies in Hz (Every musical note can be tuned this way is is often how a chromatic tuner works as every note has a frequency). Maybe I'll make a few hymns in beep code...