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Now that summer is here, I've been invited to don swim trunks and go for a swim. To which I have, so far, declined all invitations. I have come to realize the reason for this is related to covenants I have made in the temple. Covenants I take very seriously, considering the sacred nature of them. Now there are certain times it may be okay to not wear garments. Swimming and activities that could soil them beyond any capacity to restore cleanliness fall into such a category. Call me silly if you want, but I take my sacred responsibility to stand as a witness of Christ and be ready when called to serve in whatever capacity I may be called that I prefer to remind myself of my sacred responsibility by wearing something that is considered an inward expression to an all seeing deity of promises that I made. Some people wear a promise ring and never take it off... I just try to make sure my worthiness is just as white as my inward expression while being ready and willing to serve and assist in holy endeavors at all times,

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