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People say to me, "I hope you never have to deal with..."

Traditional and united families

"...ways to be happy rather than right."
I'm learning to apply this more now. It is hard for me considering that it seems like most people do not understand how I communicate anyway.
"The comprehensive evaluation includes neurologic and genetic assessment, with in-depth cognitive and language testing to establish IQ and evaluate psychomotor function, verbal and non-verbal strengths and weaknesses, style of learning, and independent living skills.    An assessment of communication strengths and weaknesses includes evaluating non-verbal forms of communication (gaze and gestures); the use of non-literal language (metaphor, irony, absurdities, and humor); patterns of inflection, stress and volume modulation; pragmatics (turn-taking and sensitivity to verbal cues); and the content, clarity, and coherence of conversation.  The physician will look at the testing results and combine them with the child’s developmental history and current symptoms to make a diagnosis."
Considering the fact I was born with the umbilical cord around my neck and I was deprived of oxygen for over 70 hours and I'm still alive is a miracle. Adding that I also survived a malaria induced fever during an international flight when I was nine months old... well, the fact that I can even write this is a miracle considering that my brain was still developing during two infant near death experiences.
Most people can't even tell that I am on the spectrum. Lots of adaptive and cognitive behavioral therapy has allowed me to make huge strides in progress.
If my kids have to deal with what I have, then I feel I am better prepared to help and assist them. I embrace the challenge. I rather live a hard and trying life than an easy one. I wouldn't grow and progress in an easy life. If I am called to be a Bishop, I will serve gratefully. If I lose my legs, I will praise God I can still type. If I lose my arms, I will praise God that I can still talk. If I lose my wife and child, I will praise God that we are sealed in His Holy Temple forever. If my daughter develops some kind of severe disorder that I am not familiar with, I will learn to deal with it as I have learned to deal with everything else in my life. I will endure to the end no matter how hard the trial may be. I know all things good and bad will be to my benefit in the end.

Moral of the story? Don't argue judgmentally. I may not be who I was, but I dare not forget my past for it has made me who I am. That being said, I know as much about you as you do about me. I strive now, more than ever, to maintain my own happiness and connection with the Holy Spirit. If that means ignoring comments and arguments that may disrupt either or both, well don't take it personally if you don't know how to talk to me and how I communicate. Your offense says more about you than me, something I previously blogged about.

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