I do what I want, and you can, too!

I achieve me dreams because I don't let people tell me what I can and cannot do. I have unique skills because I strive to practice, practice, practice despite what the majority may say. If I wanna learn how to do something, I pick it up and play and practice until I figure it out and get the hang of it. I scored a job as a toy demonstrator simply because I was walking by a cart in a mall playing with AstroJax and I was the most talented that anyone had ever seen. I saw this thing advertised on TV and was so fascinated. I bought one and played and played and got bruises and looked up videos and practiced and played... I've been Juggling the stars with my AstroJax for 16 years now. I build things people think would be dumb to build or think I can't. Everyone wants to talk about how cool this thing called the hoverboard is and I am not impressed. It has wheels that touch the ground. That makes it an UNhoverboard. These things called Rocketskates? Well they are legit skates and while they may not be rocket powered they do move fast and are powered. I live my life against the grain called society. I make AstroJax look cool. I make DIY look cool. I'm gonna make these rocketskates look cool and I'll do it while making AstroJax look cool at the same time.

WE ARE ALL LIMITLESS!!! Let not one person or many people ever tell you that you cant. CANT is a 4 letter word I hate the most!!!

Day 2

Day 3

Moral of this story is keep yer chin up (but dont lean back) and your nose clean.

Practice + Persistence = Progress

(Practice + Persistence) + Patience = Perfection 

"Be excellent to each other."   - Bill & Ted

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