Be continually impressive

I was looking for a reason to show off the gizmo I made. Allow me to tell you why I made it in the first place and what inspiration it could offer to you. I always seek to make a lasting impression. I always try to reset the bar ever higher. This whole obsession I have with impression has little to do with vain ambition. I've been this way since I was young. I would say I started to notice it when I was eighteen when I started dating the woman I would eventually call my wife. Not a single person, other than ourselves, thought the relationship would last. That was 14 years ago. I was so driven to impress her. Not just on the first date or two or three, but every time we hung out and started living together, as a husband then as a father and even now I still try to impress. I have to be really innovative and find new ways to do that. This drive I take with me to work, in my community with my friends, at church, in cyberspace and everywhere. This may be viewed as an attempt to gain greater acceptance. That may be true in some small degree, but I prefer to see this as a means and motivation of improving myself to be a better today than yesterday and even more so tomorrow. I can use this as leverage when negotiating a raise. It is probably also one of the bigger reasons why the love of my life still adores me. All that said and done, having a nice business card is impressive all by itself. However, having a means to show off your skills while giving people a means to contact you is probably even more impressive. A great looking card is important, but the way they receive it will probably be remembered long after it is gone. Improve your skills. Seek new talents. Try harder to be better. Leave an everlasting impression that is always new and improved. Most importantly, be yourself and try to be the you that God sees.

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