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Sounds Like Rubbish

I do not claim to be a rapper. I am not here to make records. I don't try to impress. My art is wordsmithery! Praise God!

sounds like rubbish : words by Ekadasi Newton

I barely remember when music meant something.
couldn't even use it to make your phone ring.
music used to be rated by how it made your heart sing.
now it only matters by how it makes the cha-ching.
this music is so bad it gives my ears a rash.
if they ain't taking about pot then it's hash.
if I talked like that back in the day, I'd get a lash.
rappers come off of candy bars and go in the trash.
I don't care but what yall think or even say.
God, not you, listens to me when I kneel and pray.
offer me a chance to make it big and I'll say nay.
I rather work hard and sweat and every single day.
I know my lord above has a righteous plan.
if God tells me to do something, then I know I can.
His son died so I can live, that's why I'm a big fan.
I try really hard to be an even more dependable man.

music by ratatat

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