That's not how it works.

It has been far too long since my last post... I am sorry to all those who follow. I write and post stuff to inspire all who read. I also do it as a record of my thoughts and feelings. To sort of remind myself...

I've been thinking a lot about Mark and Molly Mormon. You know... Those perfect members that do not exist. Just because perfect seems out of reach, should we not bother striving to obtain it? Is the effort in vain? What fruits will it bear to try for what is not within reach?

Do you think it isn't worth bothering with trying to be Mark or Molly? Do you think it is okay to settle for being imperfect?

Do you think yer a Mark or Molly? Does that make you perfect or better than others?

Let that all sink in....
Just think about that all for a minute.

You pondered all that and maybe even asked yourself? Good. I shall carry on now.

Silver spoon momos. Those Mormons who grew up in the faith, went to BYU, served a mission... Those Mormons who shame nonmembers for whatever reason... May as well build yerselves a rameumpton and speak repetitive prayers on Sunday and forget about God... Just cuz you sin differently... Sin is sin. And guess what? There is no greater sin than pride. Pride... The one sin everyone commits but few confess. Remember what killed the nephites all off? If yer answer was the lamenites, you guessed wrong. The correct response is PRIDE. They figured God would always favor them. They were chosen do they didn't need to remember God. Heavenly Father forsook them and let them die because they were prideful and should have known better. The lamenites were always wicked. That's why God preserved them. they didn't know better.

Mark and Molly Mormon.... Now there's a concept. Am I perfect? Nope. I still try to better everyday. Better and repenting, better at compassion.... Better with my skills and exercising my priesthood righteously. I know I'm not perfect but I still try. Making "mistakes" that I should know better about is not an option.
"Oh, its okay. I'll take the sacrament and it'll be fine."
Yer doing it wrong. That's not how it works. Repentance is not wanting to do things that require forgiveness. It's one thing to want to be holy and trying to overcome addiction. When you imbibe once in a while, you have no excuse. You should know better. However the choice is yours alone.

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