The Cure

I may look like a caster of disaster. You think im moving slow, but im like a master who keeps moving faster and faster.  So quick your eyes dont register that im like mercury cuz just a messenger with a message of the cure. A cure for the soul except theres no chicken soup in this bowl. Fills you up more than an all you can eat plus an extra roll. Ponder that while you stroll wondering how yer gonna pay that toll. Whats that cure cost? Should we take a poll? Fear not cuz for you the cure is free. What, you dont believe me? Go ahead and adk that guy on that tree. He hangs there to pay for you and me. His father sent him, dont you see? Jesus Christ of the divine trinity. i propose a toast. The father, and the son and the holy ghost. Its only with them that we can have the most. Think about that cuz thats the end of this post.

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