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I know that I am nothing, but I will boast of my God

I often ponder on Alma 26. When I bear testimony or share something spiritually profound and I am thanked or told how spiritually strong I am, I give credit to God. Sometimes I am told to take a little credit. I really don't think I can. Even if the words are my own, the message is hardly mine. Everything I am, everything I know or feel... it is thanks to my Heavenly Father. If you wanna think I am great, I cant stop you. If I am great, it is only because my Father is even greater. I only try to do His will and work things that please Him. I need no praise now. I only hope my praise will come from Him in the end.

Every breath, every dollar, every talent and skill... none of it is mine. I wanted Beverly to be my wife long before we were born.... I asked Him for that privilege!

My earthly father is a good comparison, even. The values and morals I have, the encouragement I received. I was not spoiled but yet I wanted for nothing. If I have ever a need,  there he is helping out in any way he is able to. Not everyone may have had a life to see the way I see things, but if you ever had faith, look and try to see God's hand in your life. Know that He was and is always there and always will be. Teaching you hard lessons with discipline when you need it and doting on you like the prized offspring that you are when you deserve it. This is why my life is filled with gratitude. Should yours be any different?

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