Most Influential



We come into this world all shiny and new.
We get older and we polish ourselves and skills that we learn.

We think we are awesome all crisp and smooth like a new sheet of paper.

What we don't realize is how rigid and sharp we are...

We come to realize that we need to be softer and more relaxed like a towel.

But even a towel is a little rough and can easily absorb both good and bad.

However, if we rely on Jesus Christ and his atonement, he can try us and teach us. Over time we maintain the core of who we were while becoming more like him.

Hence the divine power is able to work us and mold us and make us even softer than we thought we could be. Fragile yet resilient. Unchanged yet transformed. Unique and timeless.

To all those who wish to see this work, I ask that you study God's holy word, pray on it for truth and ponder it's teachings.

For those who wish to test this example with a sheet of paper to see the example work, take a sheet of paper and crumple it up. wad it into a ball. now carefully uncrumple it. then crumple it and uncrumple it. make new creases. flip it over. gentle roll it. do this many many many many times and you will see it change just as we can change in the hands of the master.

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