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Gee, I'm A Tree!

Yall see happiness and think it's fake?
Lots of people talk, but I actually make!
Pray to God for goodness sake.
There's infinite blessings that we rake.
Looking for a reason to put me away?
Get me talking to pick at what I say?
I'll recall Joseph Smith and what he did pray.
"Thine Afflictions shall be a small moment," is what God did say.
Said those who transgress will have their hopes melt away.
God exalted him on his final day.
My police record is zero.
I don't smoke hydro or do blow.
I've succeed 100% in a row.
I have bested every foe.
I know all of my rights.
I am not afraid of heights.
I'm immune to all blights.
The Lord's kingdom is in my sights.
To all you fakers on the whip,
who think you can't excel because of life's rip,
here's a news flash, so heed this tip:
Drink from the scriptures when you want a sip,
then look in the mirror and zip your lip.
This "G" needs no gun on his hip!

A gangster is a disaster. My genius is outrageous.

Don't lose your grip,
or you will surely slip.
What happens when you twist a zero?
Falling into infinity is a long way to go.

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Ekadasi Newton said...

Book of Mormon
Alma 11
Amulek vs. Zeezrom
Amulek = 1
Zeezrom = 0