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Book of Mormon, Fact or Fiction

I've seen much material debating this topic, most of which states that there is no proof. Just because you can't find coins doesn't mean they never existed. People sell gold jewelry all the time as scrap and it gets melted down. The Book of Mormon is not our only bible, either. Claims that this book discounts the credibility of the Holy Bible have no justification. My scripture set is FOUR books in one. Which are the holy Bible, the book of Mormon, doctrine and covenants, the Pearl of great price. If you read the book of Mormon looking for scriptures about the three kingdoms of heaven, you are looking in the wrong place. Open up D&C to chapter 76. As far as history is concerned, Philippians 4:13 in the bible states "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." And in the book of Mormon, Nephi builds a boat under the direction of God. Nephi wasn't a boat builder but did still manage to smelt ores of all kinds to build this boat so it matters not if refined steel was available, for it could be made under the Lords direction. Cities are destroyed and creatures go extinct. If you can't find it, you either are not looking properly or are trying to not find it. I question all men for we are imperfect. I won't question God for his wisdom is perfect. I don't need proof. The spirit of the Lord is my proof. If you are looking for a miracle then look at me. My whole life is one continuous miracle. Explain that! Can't? That's God for you. Can't explain what you can't understand.

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