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Healing prayers

The use of anointing oil and the laying on of hands in seeking out God's aid for healing works! I mean it really does work!! I have faith in Jesus Christ sufficient enough to raise me back from the dead!!! Consecrated oil and the higher priesthood works, but something as simple as prayer can do the trick, also. I knelt down and prayed for my local missionaries and their investigators and when I was done, I stood up and realized my right shoulder kinda locked up. I could move my arm backwards but any attempt to swing it forward was met with excruciating pain. So I once again bowed in prayer and offered up the desires of my heart expressing the utmost gratitude for how awesome my life has become and practically begged my father in heaven with such a broken heart to heal my arm. No sooner had I said amen had I noticed the pain was not only gone but full range motion was completely restored. I mean I just went from thinking that moving it forward would break my arm to swinging it around like some crazy contortionist all because my heavenly father heard my cry and had mercy upon me. I serve my Lord in heaven obediently because I love him and because he loves me. Jesus is the Christ! He will offer rest, heal and save all who come unto him. Amen!

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