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How to read The Book of Mormon at 400 WPM

Speed Reading is easier than some of you may think. One does not simply have to take a snapshot of a whole page and commit it to photographic memory to speed read. I prefer to use a keyboard to a mouse, because use a mouse requires far more arm movement that a keyboard does (which seems excessive to me) Speed Reading programs, such as Balto (on an Android device) or Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer (in the apple store), scroll the text for you, highlighting a single word and keeping it in the center of your view so that you dont have to move our eyes at all. The better you are able to adjust to this method the faster you can make the text scroll. 200-250 WPM is good to start off with, while I have heard that some go all the way up above 800 WPM. I found a decent version of The Book of Mormon in a .txt file HERE that can be downloaded and used with such apps.

The app is programmed to pause at punctuation, by the way... so if you noticed that and wondered why it hiccups, well it is because of a comma or a semi-colon or a period...

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Ekadasi Newton said...

i have come to find out that REAL speed reading is read at no less than 1200WPM. I absorb whole pages of data, so untill then i'll consider (if even by willing error) that reading the book of mormon in less than nine hours at 500WPM is blazing fast.