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I find it wise for me to proselytize cuz the blessings are major in size!

Every Member a Missionary
"The world is hungry to hear the truth. … We have it. Are we equal to the task—to the responsibility God has placed upon us?"

"Church members have been commissioned to do missionary work."

Why Every Member a Missionary?
"How seriously have you personally taken the Lord’s charge to share His gospel? It is a lifelong responsibility … to be addressed differently according to the various seasons of your life."

Now THIS is why I can't help myself but to speak of God's Great News!!!

Blessings with No Trade-offs from Sharing the Gospel
There are thirty-six (36) blessings promised to those who share the gospel.
You shall stand blameless before God, be lifted up at the last day, be given a testimony of the words of the prophets, have revelations, have your sins forgiven, have great faith, be able to keep God's laws, be made holy, have blessings greater than the treasures of earth, not be weary in mind, ... neither in body, limb nor joint ... and you shall not go hungry, neither athirst, teach you the truth and the way whither you shall go... are just a few of the blessings.
This is every members duty to God and this duty alone promises more blessings all by itself than any other duties to God! I testify that Heavenly Father keeps his promises to those who are faithful enough to do what he commands and asks. I do this because this gospel and the act of sharing it fills me with so much joy that I cannot help myself but to continue to share it. I don't just feel but I can see and testify that because I share his word to those around me that I have been blessed with ALL 36 of these blessings. Why should I stop when God has completly fulfilled his promise 100% so far?

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