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Jesus died! He suffered for ME!!!

Despite what I have endured in my life, so far, I cannot even begin to fathom how Christ suffered. Love was his only intention and yet he was made to drag huge lumbers up a hill only to have huge nails driven through his hands and feet to that very cross! I believe that it was through Heavenly Fathers will that Jesus had strength to hang there which also caused his healing hands to be strong enough to hold him up. Here is what I do know about what it is to suffer and gain strength after. Withdrawls from prescription medication caused me to suffer through  neurological movement disorder for a whole year. TWELEVE MONTHS of non stop serious shaking and a continuous acute panic attack, caused by medication super sensitising my whole nervous system. Functioning on even the most basic of levels was almost impossible. Unable to sleep or eat for days at a time and hours at most during periods of weeks because i was uncontrolably shaking to the most severe of degrees. No relief could come from pain killers or muscle relaxers because the root cause was my nerves freaking out for no reason at all. I cannot judge others and how they may feel physically or emotionally. Who am I to comprehend another. Who are we to comprehend the son of God? The weight of a mortal mans body may rip his hands thru nails. The burden Christ bore is the weight of the whole world and still he bore it and hung there. I don't know much of what pain is. Dentists tell me my tolerance must be really high. Consider all these words. I am stronger for my previous challenges. I woe of them not. Do ye woe? Why so? Trust me on this when I suggest you to let it go.

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