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Get out there and Shine!!!

Mostly everyone around me, except for my family and some friends, have tried to show me that there is nothing good in the world, that God is a hoax and that if I want to get anywehere in life I'll have to cheat and lie and cut throats. They all wanted to hide from me that I am a good light and that I shine super bright. They wanted to stifle and snuff out my light because they fear it. They fear it mostly because they dont believe they can shine as bright. When there is so much bad in the world it is hard to recognize that you are a source of good yourself. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud as there is to every cloud. I had a dream not to long ago. The sky was covered by a huge dark cloud high in the sky  and big white birds where flying all around just below it. The cloud opens up just enough for a single ray of light to come through and slowly descends untill it touched the earth. just as soon as it falls upon the ground it rises back into the sky leaving a man in white robes standing where it had fallen. His arms are slightly parted from his sides and his palms are facing out, clearly showing huge visable scars in his palms. The birds fly down and become angels and join him. I woke up pretty much right after that with a feeling I couldnt descripe at that time. I thought about it later and it felt like this. I was in the center of a void and there was nothing around me. I couldnot tell what awas a bove or below or around or even how far the expanse stretched. I could tell that I was emenateing light for I was overcome with power and energy but I could not see this for I could not see myself nor where my light touched for there was nothing for it to shine on. That is a strange feeling indeed... To be in darkness that is too big for even a flashlight. Many people have told me I shine brightly and some have even mentioned it with fear in their hearts. I am a child of God and nless God has a problem with you having a problem with me, none really have any to fear from me. I only desire to freely give my heart to all. The best part is that this gift is completly free. There are no strings attached and no favors I'll expect because I give this freely without any expectations of any kind whatsoever. There is plenty bad in the world. Some of this bad can become good and others make a deal out of desire to be like Cain who killed his brother, Abel. I have a really hard time beleiveing that even those who make such a deal can be forever lost. It is how they use their free agency to continually act upon that deal and continually do evil and not repent that makes them lost. I believe those souls can be saved but are the most difficult. I have faith that they can see the light if we tried to show them and made an effort to make them wasnt to see. I belive this because I could have been one of them, but God did not give up on me. If God never gave up on me and managed to show me the way then why should I give up on anybody? There is plenty good even inside the evil. Even in the movie "Santa Claus is coming to town" Winter Warlock has his cold heart melted after recieving the toy train that he had always wanted. We all start out good but after feeling afflictions we feel we may not deserve and clinging to that pain that we start to turn. Others around us may then foster new and more evil ambitions. We all make mistakes and every mistake has a resolotution for repair. I openly shine brght not to scare anyone but to show and inspire them to shine bright also.

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