Most Influential


My test is my testimony

i speak of Christ everyday
i praise the Lord in all i say
others test my faith as they may
i look to god and pray and pray
the faithful god will always aid
i thank him everytime im paid
he inspired everything i made
and every milestone ive ever laid
from where i was, ive come so far
traveling on foot without a car
stepped out of flames with barely a scar
tough times then but now i hardy har har
to god we are all brothers and sisters
to the world we are misses and misters
we push past despite our blisters
then laugh after all like we're jesters
all i want is for all to know
it is a gift wrapped with a bow
share it high and share it low
ill give this even to my greatest foe
even our enemies need our love
hearts so hard they deny gifts above
theres no need to push or shove
hear the spirit even formed as a dove
we know whats right after we're seven
apostles formed till after eleven.
in the name of his only son in heaven, i testfy our redeemer's Jesus Christ, Amen.

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