Most Influential


The speechcraft of a word-smith

God said jump and I didnt ask why.
I started to fly and said good bye.
Got going up and soared really high.
The stars got bigger as orbit past by.
how am I gonna fall when gravity doesn't apply?
Looking down, i said, "is that The earth i spy?"

Faygo is like frosting
i dont know everything
zero wing and zero bling
never slow, just move zig
let go or you'll lose big
i've been there. Ya dig?

my passion burns hotter than most men
burns hotter than centigrade in seventy seven
times ten to the power of eleven
hot like the sun, they rate me in kelvin
i dont fear fire or getting burned
all the scars i have i earned
each one shows what ive learned

i've been told I shine bright
I don't let that skew my sight
the lord my god is my only might
he strengthens me over every fright
the more i learn, the less i know
my path is straight and narrow
i wont falter under satan's blow
i'll pray to God to best my foe

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