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These are the words that never end...

Proud to be an american?
That must be a odd question
why else look at me sideways while staring?
I bet im so loud you find it embarssing.
you look real gaudy sporting all that bling.
all i wear is a simple wedding ring.
its a statement of my commitment and the only thing.
im soaring mighty high under gods wing
the REAL truth set me free
and it makes me truly happy
while opening up my eyes so i may see
I love because thats how god wants me to be.
i follow everyone of god decree
in hopes to save those of the unthinking majority
yall may not recognize
i have a big brain despite my heads small size
try and ask me questions while looking for my lies
and not finding what you seek, you hope the converstaion dies
ill send ya walking away upset without even a boobie prize
while my heart still goes up and flies.
who would you rather win?
still feeling attached to sin?
what do think about my chessy grin?
sick of being oppressed or still proud to be an american?

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Ekadasi Newton said...

"While looking for my lies"
If I ever sound like a broken record because I repeat myself, let me say that anything important and of worth is learned through repetition. The bible is full of repetition because many of its words are of great worth. Also, I find it to be a VERY good sign that I not crazy, but rather credible. My story never changes. It sounds exactly the same every time. Thats because I know what know clearly and with detail and not because it is rehearsed