Most Influential


Team Impossible? HA, watch me!

when i spit verse, my words are clean
i fast the first sunday, its why im lean
i give all my love, im never mean
my work is so magical its unseen
i dress so sharp, i look pristene
i quit drugs cold turkey, i dont ween.

Jesus loves cuz heavenly father cared
i love jesus for all that he had dared
nailed to the cross for our sins he bared
while all around him stood and stared
the ultimate sacrifice he rightously fared
so all our souls may possibly be spared
after teaching us so to be prepared
when judgment comes to not be scared

when i stroll, me and jesus roll tandem
i give thanx in prayer, sing praise in hymn
they intimidate me and he handles them
powers so divine hes gargantuan
when i feel blue, he makes me grin
forgives and loves all cuz pride is a sin
his heart of gold is worth more than tin
so much to do to empty the bin
gotta keep at it, the works never fin
team never impossible, we always win
in the end, give him the standing ovation

When i speak, i speak of god
when i give thanx, i thank the lord
when i make friends, there from abroad
when i garden, i till the sod
when i work, i work very hard
when i think, i think aloud
i know the truth, im not a fraud
a smile will do, no need to applaud

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