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Look back and be slow, or look ahead and forward we go?

I say to harbor nothing. To let let go of everything and give yourself to God. Even if it is good, do not cling to it. The only things really worth fighting for are ordained of God. Now, I do not say to throw away all things carelessly. That would be fool hardy indeed. I speak of things that cling not to you. Husband and wife should cleave one to the other but cars and gold come and go just as mortal life itself cannot last forever. Do not cling to the ways of old and think of use-to-bes, but do not forget, either, what is left behind and why it is better left. Embrace change for whether it is good or bad it will surely be different. Variety is the spice of life after all. To continue doing what we know and is within our comfort levels we can never progress. Without progress we cannot excel. If we do not excel we will never fulfill out potential. We all have the capacity to do our best and be better than we were but there are few indeed who will excel to exceed. My goal is to not only fulfill my grand destiny but to exceed my potential planned for me in this life. No one is gonna do my work for me. May as well be the best I can be. Which of you will choose comfort, which of you will choose practice and which of you will choose challenge? Think of this and ask yourselves. Your answer is for you alone.

Look not behind thee

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Ekadasi Newton said...

"you will do well if you do not dwell"