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The silver lining to a cloud appears after the cloud becomes its darkest.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of 2014. Every month the first Sunday is usually when we Latter-Day Saints prayerfully fast with purpose. That being said, tomorrow is fast Sunday and the first one this year. The previous year has been filled with struggle for many. I am no exception, but I see every challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning. I felt as though I have done a lot of that last year. Practice brings progress after all. So where is the silver lining, and is there a quiet rest soon? I think new opportunities are so close around the corner that it is already knocking if you're willing to answer. The gospel is reaching far and wide. We are the silver lining. I am gonna act and dress like it so it shows (jewelry need not apply)!


B Newton said...

I am optimistic about this upcoming year, a fresh new start for January and the whole rest of 2014! I am hoping to do better in my personal progress and my spiritual progress as well this year :)

Ekadasi Newton said...

I am so very very lucky to have you in my life! I look forward to the day when we can be sealed for time and all eternity! I love you more now than when we first met in 2002, more this year than last year, more today than yesterday and I will love you even more tomorrow. The Relief Society is lucky to have you, too.