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so today is my birthday and i've been talking about being pi cubed for what seems like weeks now. so i felt inspired to write this and here i will share it. hope yall get a kick out of it.

you think yer funny? then riddle me this joke. when three pies multiply, is there a yoke? why look so square? you must not be of the mathamatical folk. i'll break it down and either your embers will fade or the fire i'll stoke. when three pis combine you get three point one four one five nine times three point one four one five nine times three point one four one five nine. now what is so special about pi that makes it so sublime? if you didnt know its an irrational number then hold on tight and pay attention so you dont start to feel dumber. you can try to calcuate it's random string forever and probably never solve it; aint that a bummer. considering all this pi is still a constant cuz its the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. why is pi so useful? like a hammer its a necasary tool. we use it for geomotry, fractals, trignomitry, statistics, cosmology, thermodynamics, number theory and mechanics. How can you square a circle without a number that isnt the root of a polynomial having rational coefficients? Dont even bother bringing up the fibonacci sequence. So it's connected with sankrit prosody. The golden ratio's equation is also easy. it isnt hard to see that a plus b is to a as a is to b. in fact the fibonacci sequence is just another linear recurrence with constant coefficients which still has a limit of consecutive quotients. Calculating pi is a greater disturbance. the cubed root of 31.00619... is still just 3.14159... and that is what makes pi so divine.

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