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Maté, Kava, Coca-Cola and LDS Missionaries
"I think that the socialization factor might outweigh the pharmacological negatives but some people's sense of ethics make it debatable. Personally if I had been there I would have practiced a form of selective socialization. I might have touched it to my lips or passed it on. I don't think most partyers care one way or another if someone abstains as long as they are interacting. One hundred years ago it might have been necessary to actually drink the stuff but today you can probably go either way and get away without drinking if you choose. The worst you might have to do is wet your lips. They actually are kind of interesting artifacts. I am of a mind with the general authority I spoke with. You don't want to offend someone but I don't think these drinks will catch on in other cultures since they aren't that delicious. You have to acquire a taste for them. As to their being against the Word of Wisdom as long as church leaders continue to drink them I think the rest of us are safe in following their example."

Is Medical Marijuana A Violation Of The Latter-Day Saints Word Of Wisdom Health Code?

"Discuss it with the bishop or stake president in advance; they are the ones who determine temple worthiness and Church members have a right to know in advance whether any proposed course of action would impinge upon temple worthiness."

Utah CBD-Only Bill Passes

"In a 62-11 vote, Utah’s House of Representatives passed a controversial CBD-only bill yesterday. The bill now goes on to the state senate. If the state senate passes the bill, HB105, it will land on Governor Gary Herbert’s desk and go into effect in July. Herbert is likely to sign the bill, as it has gained support of the state’s religious community, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

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