Most Influential


"It’s easy to be lukewarm"

This article pretty much explains to the core of why I changed to such a great degree. If I bury myself in the scriptures, focus on doing service for others and surround myself my influences that help keep me centered on Christ then the holy spirit will be with me always. To have the spirit always is my greatest desire.

"Are we a people of action? Or are we all talk? Change your heart, your family and the world. Take action!"

"Do you live what you believe?
"Do you read about the dangers of idleness in the scriptures and then turn on a marathon of television programs you like?
"Do you teach your children about the dangers of pornography, then put them to bed and turn on a show full of sexual content?
"Do you read about your Heavenly Father's love for you, and the blessings promised to you if you do good works, then shut the book and go about your business?
"Throughout the New Testament the Savior called people to follow him. It is interesting that he didn’t say, "Come listen to me," he said, "Come follow me." Following requires action."

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