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Gotta have faith

What is faith?
faith is hope for things unseen
a place to turn where one can lean
to find comfort when others are mean
a chance to be new and become pristine
Why have faith?
to get closer to God than even the highest towers
and even find divinty in all of natures flowers
make our weaknesses strong by heavenly powers
and shine on us light in our darkest hours
How to have faith?
trust in the Lord that promises he'll keep
pray to Him to protect you while you sleep
offer every good desire no matter how deep
He prizes your soul so don't sell it cheap
Who can have faith?
a sinner can have faith
you can have faith
i can have faith
a pauper can have faith
The power of faith!
envision every rightious desire
plead in prayer detailing your fire
you will qualify and you he'll hire
you'll fly from the highest spire

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