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Jesus Christ: Sacrifice and daily commitment

Church on Sunday? Of course! EVERY Sunday for three AWEsome hours!!! The rest of the week? Scripture study and prayer, and when my family isn't reading from the standard works we are probably reading or watching whatever we got from the LDS Distribution Center, like the Ensign or How Rare a Possession. The core idea is to keep centered on the Holy Spirit, while I be at work, doing a service project, helping our missionaries spread the Great News or simply playing chess or frisbee. All day, Everyday. Otherwise, I'm not doing right.

"The gospel “gives us a great sense of direction,” Richard says. His wife had said that she wanted to find a church that would provide moral direction for the children they hoped to have. That is what they found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she says. “We just love it. This is home.”"

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