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What thank they the Jews for the Bible

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Adding to the Bible - Revelation 22:18
From the Summary found at the end.
"Upon a thorough review of the issues, the common rendering of Revelations 22:18-19, that there will never be more scripture after the Bible, is simply an untenable passage interpretation. Untenable independent of what one's religious beliefs are, including whether one believes there ever will be additional revelation and scripture.
Saving perhaps the best evidence for last, a topic that deserves volumes, the Book of Mormon is in my opinion the most persuasive evidence of further scripture about Christ. My invitation to you is to simply read it yourself!
It is the humble but bold testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that God has restored His church, given additional scriptures, and continued to guide His church once again through modern revelation to a modern prophet and a modern twelve apostles. Just as the first coming of Christ was not an unprophesied event, so this greatly prophesied preparatory era prior to Christ's second coming should also not surprise the serious student of scripture. An unparalleled unique prophetically promised clarion call of such splendorous stupendous significance decidedly deserves real review, not canon-closing cliches sourced from superficial scholarship of Revelations readings!"

For further reading check out 2 Nephi 29

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