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The ancient and dying art of straight razor shaving

As I make yet another update to the post, here is my attempt to make this more comprehensive.
(In case you have not yet noticed, I like The Art of Manliness blog.)

Next I shall follow by sharing my widow's mite (or two cents) in video form.


Ekadasi Newton said...

I hone my blade every so often with a whetstone and a strop after every shave.
I also make my own shaving soap... so in reality my true cost is around $15 for over 3 years worth of soap. The cost of the materials to make soap is the only cost I shall incur until I can find a way comfortably get a close shave without it.

Ekadasi Newton said...

I find that while naniwa and Norton stones are great. The cheap Chinese beauty is actually my preference. It works great and gets a nice razor sharp shave ready edge. A good stroping makes for a real comfortable experience.