Efficent luxuries

I write this from mobile typing with one hand without touching my screen. I find it not only easier, but also more precise. This is so because I can I can feel the buttons and place chords properly without even looking at keys. Of course, it does help that I have trained myself previously to type this way. Learning to type this way was significantly easier to do with 16 keys versus 104 keys. I've practiced qwerty for many many years and while I may be faster with two hands, I make more errors and still look at the keyboard. I learned how to chord a custom key set, proficiently, on the Twiddler in 20 hours. I prefer to not have both my hands tied up typing on doing anything else, for that matter, let alone locked in a position that isn't ergonomic. Was it strange? At first, yes. I decided to practice till it felt natural. It got easy fast. I can do anything and so can you!

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