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Beard Grooming like a man!

Featuring the straight razor and shave brush, once again. This time with a different technique with a different purpose. The purpose is to shape my beard. The brush and soap moves my facial hair and allows me to see how I am shaping it, while also making my razor glide to provide a comfortable shave. Cold water tightens my face and keeps the hair from going limp, making it easier to get a closer shave.

Beard oil softens and hydrates you beard and the skin it is attached to. The use of it will help you maintain your beard and help make it easier for you to do so with continued use. Not to mention that they sometimes smell nice, also.

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Ekadasi Newton said...

Combs help a lot. Even with beards. The hair on my head is straight and soft, but my beard hair will fro up if I don't comb it.