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If you only knew...

Utah is very new to me. Yet it is so very familiar at the same time. You see, I was born and raised on the East Coast. In RI, driving more than 20 minutes is considered a road trip. That never made sense to me and I grew up there. You can drive from south to north in about 45 minutes. I brought my family here on a whim. No job or apartment set up for us, just a command from God and a trust He would provide. I got here and I found a job and a place to call home. My faith was well placed. Our good friends live in Riverton and we often visit them. Their company is well worth the hour drive. I know my Father in Heaven seeks to bless me, my family and all those who cover the Earth. If you listen and obey, every hardship can be endured and will be to your benifit.

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