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Gratitude begets gratitude

My daughter has been not feeling well all day, I imagine. She did not sleep well nor did she nap well. She even threw up a few types during the evening. So here I am trying to figure out how to comfort her. I looked up where we hang out keys and thought about the container I keep my consecrated oil in. I then felt prompted to give her a blessing. Me and Bev prayed, then I anoited and blessed my daughter while she lay in bed. I felt grateful to be worthy to hold and use the priesthood that has been entrusted to me. Eva is 3 and may not always speak in English, but she understands what prayer is. She also understands Amen. After I was done, I saw tightly close her eyes and she started babbling, like she does. I got the impression that she was offering her own prayer. I think that was her very first prayer, like her very own prayer. I am also sure that whatever she was trying to say had something to do with being grateful. Like she was thanking Heavenly Father for us and for my abilty to bless her. I praise Him for offering this most sacred opportunity to watch over her and to teach her. God, you know I take this responsibility seriously and will do the very best I can. Thank you!

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