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The Priesthood isn't about controlling others.

The Priesthood isn't about controlling others. It is about controlling yourself so that you may be WORTHY to be an instrument in God's hands.
I continually hear stories of those who have been abused by Mormon Priesthood holders. This breaks my heart ans sickens me at the same time. Such abuse is against doctrine, is a serious transgression and is inexcusable no matter who you talk to. The responsibility of the Priesthood does not give you all dominion to control and/or abuse. Actually it makes you more responsible to LOVE and CHERISH and PROVIDE for your family while striving to be more Christ like. I have to constantly consider "What would Jesus do?" while studying my scriptures and the words of the prophets and praying while listening to the holy spirit so that I may be guided in righteousness.

Being a Righteous Husband and Father
"A man who holds the priesthood accepts his wife as a partner in the leadership of the home and family with full knowledge of and full participation in all decisions relating thereto. Of necessity there must be in the Church and in the home a presiding officer (see D&C 107:21). By divine appointment, the responsibility to preside in the home rests upon the priesthood holder (see Moses 4:22). The Lord intended that the wife be a helpmeet for man (meet means equal)—that is, a companion equal and necessary in full partnership. Presiding in righteousness necessitates a shared responsibility between husband and wife; together you act with knowledge and participation in all family matters. For a man to operate independent of or without regard to the feelings and counsel of his wife in governing the family is to exercise unrighteous dominion."

More power is more responsibility, DO NOT TRIFLE WITH IT! To do so is to trifle with God's power.

"By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families."

Love and Righteousness to Provide and Protect. WWJD?

Hope and Healing after Divorce
"When I first met Andy (name has been changed), I was captivated by his charm. He was the quintessential gentleman—responding with “yes, ma’am,” opening car doors, and sending me flowers. He was funny, handsome, and a recently returned missionary. I quickly fell in love and agreed to marry him. Like many young women, I had thought often about how wonderful a temple marriage would someday be. My hope of an ideal marriage with Andy quickly shattered the night of our wedding when the abuse began. I endured a three-year nightmare of verbal, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. Andy controlled what I ate and isolated me from friends and family. He blamed me for most of our problems and said, untruthfully, that I was crazy, fat, and irresponsible. Slowly, I began to believe him. I thought that if I only changed myself, he would be happy and our marriage would last. But my efforts were never enough."

Only married for 3 years? What did Joseph Smith have to say about that?

Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (movie review)
"One of my favorite scenes was when Joseph was out whacking a rug in the yard, and an Irish saint came to him and said something like,
Joseph, pardon me, but I don’t think a man of your great status should be engaged in such menial chores.
Joseph replied with a smile,
How long have you been married?
Three years.
That long? May I offer you some advice?
The Lord intends a marriage to last a lot longer than three years. In fact, he intends it to last forever. Now, if a husband isn't willing to cherish his wife in this life, why would she want him in the hereafter? You give that some thought."

Men get hurt in divorce too.

After Divorce: Help for Latter-day Saint Men
"Men face challenges after divorce that are not often discussed, but there is much they can do to find healing."

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