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An Apostle at Stake Confrence

Today i got to meet Elder J.R. Holland of the qorum of the tweleve apostles. how lucky we are to have prophets in these latter days. the spirit he carries is so great and powerful how can one failed to be moved by his voice and message? it was my joy and pleasure and honor to get up at 5am to get ready to me picked up at 7:30 and hear him address potential elders, to be sustained as an elder by him and for me to sustain him as an apostle. in December 2012 my wife was baptized. i would tag along to church to keep her company. i was very clear of my firmness in my previous faith of hinduism. it was impossible to ignore a refined and well working process. in every lds curch ive been too, all the members carry themselves the same. we are all happy and willing to serve. we expect nothing in return. we do it all for the love of the lord. 2 weeks after my wife was baptized, so was i. everyone was surprised but not more than i was. knowing the truth and desiring not only more truth but to express thanx, i knew the best way was the first step. thats baptism. i have no regrets and i forever grateful to those missionaries who taught us. i would not be here without them.

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