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Keep'n it REAL

I do not claim to be a rapper. I am not here to make records. I don't try to impress. My art is wordsmithery! Praise God!

keep'n it real : words by Ekadasi Newton

Life is always hard, cant you see?
I dare not let it get the best of me.
Got to survive the test to gain a testimony.
It helps to see the struggle through eternity.
Knowing we can learn and grow makes us really free.
Good advice is to live God's word faithfully.
Heavenly Father wants to give us every blessing.
We must be faithful as he is continually testing.
Must keep moving forward, there's no time for resting.
Teach my family proper in the early years of nesting.
I try so hard to stay aware so I can be ever vigilant.
Have to study and pray everyday, my practice is diligent.
Trying to live light like Christ so I can be to others, a flint.
Share my love to broken hearts like a nurse who can bandage on, a splint.
The struggle is real, what more can we do?
Shows us we can feel, keep our hearts true.
Each challenge is different, we can learn something new.
any one can teach me, even someone like you.

music by ratatat

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Beverly VanBuren said...

Sincerity and devotion will always be an ocean planet where the best are trained to love and to forgive. We ARE families in nations of diversity and gardens of wonderful.